Mapping Ignorance

This blog tries to translate scientific research into the language of educated people. Experts in various fields write high-level dissemination articles in English about the results of recent investigations for the general public.

The authors are, in most cases, researchers reporting on the latest research in science. University researchers, research centers and BERCs offer the research of scientific journals at an informative level. It is written by specialists in each field of knowledge; sometimes fot the general public, for specialized readers another times. The goal is to expand the latest developments in science and technology, as well as in the scientific world.

Since its founding in 2012, more than 2,000 posts have been published in English written by nearly 100 collaborators. In addition to science issues, technology, humanities and also social sciences have a place on the blog, always based on recent research.

The edition is in the hands of César Tomé López.

When it was first created, the blog looked different than it does today, but it has kept the basics of its own aesthetic.

The very first article of the blog was Low Energy Consumption Flights: Experimental Study on Wandering Albatrosses, by Carlos Casanueva. This article is an excellent example of the philosophy of the blog as a whole: translating cutting edge scientific research into an educated lay-person language.