Conference cycles

Scientific Bidebarrieta

In collaboration with the Bidebarrieta Library in Bilbao, the Chair programs monthly conferences that fill the library’s unique hall of events with scientific culture.

Lectures have been held on various topical scientific topics: paleontology, geology, neuroscience, philosophy, nanomedicine…

Zientziaren ertzetik

It consists of a series of lectures organized with the Bizenta Mogel Durango library and it is largely aimed at those who do not normally attend scientific outreach events.

It is structured into lectures plus Q&A and is held once a month, on Friday.

Naukas Bilbao

Naukas Bilbao is a large format scientific outreach event. The offer consists of about 60 ten-minute lectures in two days (Friday and Saturday).

A number of scientific research and outreach speakers often incorporate sketches, parodies, musical shows, etc., into their appearances, combining various disciplines (humor, music, art…) with the rigor of the scientific dissemination, forming an extraordinary spectacle.


Agora, ezagutzaren plaza is a conference cycle in cooperation with the Library of Iurreta.


The session, organized under the title Bertsozientzia: Jakinduriek mundue erreko dau (Bertsozientzia: Wisdom will burn the world), brings together science and bertsolarism (improvised verses). Three scientists and two bertsolaris participate in this event that mixes outreach and spectacle.

The goal of this cycle is for people to have truthful and quality information to help them differentiate and decide on the issues that affect them.